We also strive to maintain up to speed with the graphics industry. Most common file formats can be accepted (EPS, PDF, A.I.).

  • Please indicate any Pantone colors, FPO (for position only) images to be replaced, and any other specific information clearly on the hard copy or attached with the electronic file.
  • Send all linked or placed images along with the layout.
  • Send all screen and printer fonts used in the page layout. This also includes fonts used in linked files such as Corel or illustrator EPSs.
  • When at all possible convert fonts to paths or outlines in the document.
  • Please specify colors from a color guide (i.e. Pantone Matching System). Colors that looks good on screen, may not print exactly that color. Different applications preview colors differently.
  • Page layout must be in proportion to the final trim piece.
  • Please send all Tiff & bitmap files in Hi- resolution